Creating Consumer Relevancy with #MyWalgreensApp


The #MyWalgreensApp campaign was charged with communicating that the award-winning Walgreens Mobile App offers everything customers need in one convenient place to help save time and money. You can order photo prints, clip coupons, refill prescriptions and access your Balance™ Rewards with mobile pay.

The Walgreens Mobile App is designed to make shopping at Walgreens more convenient. An overarching objective in the #MyWalgreensApp campaign was to leverage existing influencer relationships to create relevancy among consumers, ultimately increasing app installs and usage.

The campaign was designed to increase app downloads by broadening the existing corporate communications approach from technology & trade heavy pickup to a sustainable, consumer-facing influencer content creation and publication-based syndication mechanism.

The campaign was charged with creating narratives that illustrated the power and convenience of Walgreens Mobile App features across the three key focus areas of couponing, photo, and mobile pay in a way that made these features highly relevant to consumers. A further objective was to execute regular pulses that supplement ongoing earned media outreach, targeting seasonal and relevant consumer conversations.

Strategy and Implementation

The #MyWalgreensApp campaign utilized a three-pronged strategy including influencer-generated content, editorial content distributed across hyper-local news outlets (both print and digital) and layered syndication (which consisted of amplifying original content through more VIP influencers and additional social boosting).

With the understanding that the Walgreens customer is digitally savvy and is already consuming daily, lifestyle focused media (blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the campaign set out to reach them where they already spend time by generating native content that engaged and interested them.

Our content marketing approach leveraged a core group of VIP influencers (who had already participated in Walgreens campaigns and had become brand ambassadors) to create and share themed blog posts connecting their audiences to the Walgreens Mobile App. The chosen brand ambassadors had an existing affinity with Walgreens and were able to craft authentic and personal stories that brought relevant app use cases to life for target audiences. These initial posts seeded content for both print and digital media placements, additional influencer syndication, and boosted social content.

The content production arm of this campaign included original blog posts, photography, and video content produced by VIP Walgreens influencers. The media integration arm saw the placement of hyper-local print and digital media across the US. The final arm of our content marketing approach, layered syndication, saw the boosting of the best-performing content across influencers’ social channels, extending reach beyond their organic followings to reach a targeted Walgreens’ customer in their native environment.

To create relevancy around the three core functions of the app, we defined three phases for the #MyWalgreensApp campaign:

  1. On-the-Go Summer Fun: Whether you’re planning a vacation or a staycation, your Walgreens Mobile App is here to help you and your family make the most of the season!
  2. Back to School: Turn your smartphone or tablet into command central. The Walgreens Mobile App has everything you need to plan, prepare for, and navigate the back to school season.
  3. Life Made Easy: We get by with a little help from our Walgreens Mobile App. Supercharge your daily routine and maximize productivity with the latest features in the Walgreens Mobile App!


The #MyWalgreensApp campaign garnered over 222M impressions, increased measurable online conversation around the app by 37%, and generated more than 100K hours of engagement. More importantly, during the campaign period there was a 28% lift in new app downloads and, perhaps most significantly, a 37% lift in first launch app visitors. This means that we not only attracted new downloads, but we got new users and previous downloaders to actually use the app as well!

Additional campaign results included:

  • 222.8M impressions (86% ABOVE the goal of 120M)
  • 213.4K Measurable engagements
  • 3,600 pieces of content
  • 22% lift in page visits

(Engagements include all like, comments, share, link clicks and video views on first-generation influencer content. Engagements on content shared or reposted by followers was not tracked. Engagements such as clicks or shares on editorial UGC digital placements were also not tracked.)

Campaign Content